Sachet Manufacturing

KICTeam's sachet division is dedicated to sachet filling and the manufacturing of sachets. We have a large and very specialised range of machinery that will be able to service all your sachet packaging requirements. Our in house team has over 50 years experience in sachet packing and will help you find the exact sachet packaging solution you require. Please contact us for more details on our sachets service or click on one of the sections below for further information.

About KICTeam Sachets

  • Full ISO certification and traceability on all sachets
  • Very latest sachet materials and designs to enhance product image
  • Large range of laminate materials to create perfect brand image for cosmetics sachets
  • Perfect quality sachets every time
  • Small minimum orders and fast turnaround
  • Sachets printed in-house on specialist sachet printing equipment
  • Full range of sachet and wipe sizes
  • Over 40 years experience of sachet manufacture and design

Sizes of Sachets

  • Minimum order quantity of sachets is usually 15,000 sachets per design. This is determined by the cost of setting up sachet and printing machinery. We may be able to offer smaller minimum order quantities, please contact us for further information on this
  • Full range of sizes and shapes available. This is largely determined by the type and size of the insert and/or the volume of liquid you want contained in each sachet
  • Date coding available to help you identify each sachets batch
  • Age of product can be printed on all sachets
  • V-nick available for easy tear sachet opening

Tissues Papers & Cards

  • We stock a large range of tissues, papers and cards ready for immediate use for our sachets
  • KICTeam's paper conversion division's expertise at your disposal for choosing suitable paper for your sachets
  • Conversion division able to create exact shape and size of insert necessary

Contact Us

Phone: +44(0) 143 285 2050