Private Label Sachets

KICTeam is your perfect partner for designing and manufacturing customised private label cosmetics sachets such as private label shampoo sachets, private label shower gel sachets and private label sun cream sachets. We help many UK brands to produce branded cosmetic samples for their advertising and promotional campaigns.


  • KICTeam has relationships with a large range of cosmetic product manufacturers enabling us to source a product perfectly suited to you
  • We will work with you to create the perfect branded sachet for your establishment and then manufacture it in quantities to suit you
  • We can source a large range of shampoos, conditioners, body wash and other toiletries
  • Very latest sachet materials and designs to enhance product image
  • Large range of laminate materials to create perfect brand image for cosmetics sachets
  • Perfect quality cosmetics sachets every time
  • Small minimum orders and fast turnaround
  • Sachets printed in-house on latest sachet printing equipment
  • Full range of sachet sizes
  • Over 40 years experience of sachet manufacture and design
  • Free sachet samples on request