Silica Gel Sachets, Desicant Bags

KICTeam is a specialist manufacturer of silica gel sachets and dessicant sachets. Our production process includes manufacturing the silica gel sachet, adding the silica gel and then finally sealing to be airtight. Once packaged inside a sachet the silica gel sachets/ dessicant bags will stop absorbing moisture from the atmosphere until the sachet is opened again.

Silica Sachets Uses

  • Silica gel is a natural mineral and is typically used as a dessicant to control local humidity in order to stop products being spoiled or degrading
  • The most common type of silica gel that you will find is as small balls packed in plastic sachets.


  • Moisture absorption not activated until sachet opened
  • Small minimum orders and fast turnaround
  • Customised silica gel sachet design
  • Bespoke level of moisture absorption available